‘All companion animals are vulnerable to suffering caused by

human indifference and ignorance,

but no companion animal suffers for as long, nor as often, as a parrot.’


Parrot Partner is a registered charitable organization (Charity # 810688135RR0001) that runs a public education, parrot training and adoption aviary for parrots. Along with increasing public awareness, we provide parrot training workshops to veterinary technicians, future and current parrot owners, pet sitters and crossover trainers.

Parrot Partner engages the public in the rehabilitation of the parrots and through its education programs promotes humane attitudes toward all animals and the environment. Through interactive public events we seek to raise public awareness of the nature and needs of all companion animals, but especially those of parrots.

We also provide parrot boarding and parrot sitting services as well as fun educational parrot birthday parties, educational shows and camps for all ages.

Rainforest Aviary

Our education center is moving to 25 Industrial Ave., Carleton Place, ON very soon. As a result of the move, the rainforest aviary will be closed for tours at our current location in Smiths Falls as of July 25th.

Our rainforest aviary’s grand opening is scheduled for September 24th, so stay tuned for more information.

We invite you to spend some time with and learn more about these highly intelligent, misunderstood creatures.  Some of the parrot species you will interact with are nearing extinction and during each tour we discuss the man-made and ecological reasons.

Come visit us!

Rainforest Aviary Admission Rates

Adults: $12 (incl. tax)
Seniors (65+) and Teens: $10 (incl. tax)
Children: (2 to 12): $6 (incl. tax)
Family: (2 adults + 2 children): $30 (incl. tax)
Children under two free