Parrot Partner is a group of people who care deeply about the state of the world and the welfare of its animals.  Believing that compassion and humane education should be accomplished through action, we work in partnership with rescues to pair animals waiting for adoption with people who are interested in learning how to train animals using positive reinforcement.

Parrot Partner is committed to expanding awareness of the interrelationships between people, animals, and the environment and exploring the relationship between all the creatures that share this earth.


Improve the quality of life of animals by educating the next generation of owners.


1. Increase respectful and humane animal interaction and training practises

2.  Increase the ‘adoptability’ of relinquished and rescued animals

3. Increase human engagement and socialization opportunities for parrots and other animals waiting for adoption



Judy Tennant M.Ed, Lead Trainer, Troop Leader

Judy Tennant M.Ed, Lead Trainer, Troop Leader

I have been an educator specializing in leadership development and organizational behaviour for most of my career.  I am also a lover and trainer of animals.  Parrot Partner is the result of bringing my professional and personal worlds together.

While in university, I studied the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) but didn’t think to apply the principles any further than the classroom or boardroom, until Dr. Susan Friedman showed me their application in training and addressing the behavioural problems of parrots.  I’ve spent the last 12 years working with parrots and other exotic animals.  During this time, I’ve been fortunate to have been educated by some of the best parrot trainers and humane educators in the world:

Dr. Susan Friedman – Behaviour+ Works

Living and Learning with Parrots. Parrot Care Giver Course. Professionals Course for Zoo Trainers and Veterinarians

Steve Martin – Natural Encounters & Walt Disney World Flights of Wonder Free Flight Show

Professional Zoo Trainers Retreat

Barbara Heidenreich – Good Bird Inc

Fundamentals of Aviculture. Parrot Training Workshop

Karen Pryor – Academy for Animal Training

Karen Pryor Clicker Training – CPDT-KA, Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed

Zoe Weil – Institute for Humane Education

MOGO; Most Good, Least Harm Workshops

International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators.

Professional Member in good standing

It is my hope that the centre becomes a positive resource that improves the lives of parrots and other animals, as well as their current and future guardians.


Stacey Cameron, Certified Veterinary Technician, Parrot Trooper

Stacey Cameron, Certified Veterinary Technician, Parrot Trooper

The centre doesn’t run without Stacey!  Stacey has extensive experience with animals of all shapes and sizes, but she is especially partial to flight animals such as horses and birds.  Stacey has owned conures and lovebirds as well as lizards, rats, ferrets, horses, cats and dogs.  She has experience working with children in both creative crafts and horse riding camps.  She runs our children’s, as well as our feather craft, workshops.  All this on top of ensuring all our animals are in the best of health and in tip-top shape!


Ryan Crout, Avian Care Giver

Ryan Crout, Avian Care Giver

Ryan defies stereo-types, on the one hand he has an intimacy and unique, calming influence on parrots which makes him ideal as an avian care-giver, especially for those parrots who are re-homed or who have behavioural issues.  On the other hand, he has a strong physical presence and aspires to join the Canadian Forces as an infantry soldier!  Perhaps the calming effect is a result of his self-assurance, we’re not certain.  What we do know is that parrots love him, and so do we.  Ryan has experience pet sitting dogs, cats, parrots, horses, lizards and ferrets and is currently learning the basics of behaviour analysis.  He lives in Arnprior.


Jennifer Perry, Avian Enrichment Volunteer

Jennifer Perry, Avian Enrichment Volunteer

Jennifer is a welcomed and steady presence in the lives of our birds.  She has experience with a large range of animals.  Jennifer makes it her business to understand the personality and potential of each of our birds and creates specialized toys and foraging activities.  Needless to say, the birds are always happy to see her, as are we!


Our parrots need and love volunteers. The time you spend with our birds is a very valuable contribution to our cause. Come and join our flock!

We gratefully accept donations. Your money will go to keeping the parrots healthy and happy 🙂

Thank you for your support!