Aug 2012

It was such a pleasure meeting you and your feathered el groupo at Amélie’s party today.  I love Beaker’s attitude although Bella’s boogie-oogie-oggie moves shows that indeed white birds can dance!  😉

I have passed your information on to a number of my friends already with rave reviews.

You have such a gentle way with exuberant kids and it is evident that you are so kind to the birds who have been mistreated. It was wonderful to include the educational and ethical concerns for the parrots without being dogmatic so it made it easier for people to listen to.  You have a great sense of play that made the event magical for all.  BZ!



Aug 2012

Thank YOU so much, the party was even better than I was expecting! Your staff was very enthusiastic and obviously care so much about what they do and it shows!  They made Cameron feel very special on her birthday and she cannot wait to turn 14 and train with you!  We will definitely call to book a visit again soon, thanks again.  The craft was great and the kids loved their feathers as well, it is a nice touch!


March 2012

My daughter had a fantastic birthday party at Parrot Troopers! I have to say it was the best party we have had for my daughter, and at 13, she’s had quite a few.  From the friendly staff, original crafts and hands-on learning with the parrots, the party was a hit from start to finish.  Even the parents wanted to stay for the unique fun and adventure with the amazing parrots.
Highly recommended!



February 2012

Having a Parrot Trooper party was such a great experience!  Our 7 year old daughter and her guests were completely captivated and engaged throughout the entire visit with the parrots.  The party was an excellent mix of education, fun and crafts that left us with some great memories!

Many thanks again to the Parrot Troopers.




Cookie, Charlie and Solomon THANK YOU!

Thank you for your kind donations.  Your generosity helped us pay for needed medical care and supplies.  Your help enabled us to find good homes for Cookie, Charlie, and Solomon.

To read and see more on the trials and tribulations of these three beautiful and loving parrots and their progress please visit our Facebook page at:

Here is the story of Mindy, a Goffin Cockatoo. Though very sad, it is a story of success as it has a happy ending. With your help and support, we were able to find a loving family for this parrot.